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Transcend, Transform, Transfuse

The Science Behind It:

  • Humans are creatures of habit, and habits define our lifestyle. In order to live a healthy lifestyle, we need to break old unhealthy habits - which means we basically need to create new healthy ones.

  • Research has shown that it takes 21 days on an average to build a new habit, and another 90 days to convert it into Lifestyle.

  • Research has also demonstrated that sudden changes are not usually sustainable, and therefore, any change in habit needs to be gradual.

  • And finally, research says that humans tend to be more conscientious when they are accountable to someone else, making programs more effective in the presence of an 'accountability partner'.

Each Program is:

  • Customised to your needs after an in-depth initial consultation

  • Structured to work on overall Wellbeing including physical and mental health and balance

  • Medically supervised

  • Offers personalised support, holding your hand through the entire program

  • Accommodates your current work and home structure   

  • Can be followed from any part of the world

Pure Weight Loss

A 100 day program focused on achieving sustainable weight loss through healthy habits

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