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Masala Microwave Oats

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Cooking Time: 15mins

Recipe for 2


  • Rolled Oats 1cup

  • Turmeric powder/ Haldi - 1/4 teaspoon

  • Pepper - A pinch (to activate the Curcumin in the Turmeric powder)

  • Salt - to tase

  • Tomato - 1 diced

  • Onion - 1 small finely chopped

  • Green Chillies - Finely chopped (only if you like spicy food)

  • Lemon - Half

  • Coriander - Half a bowl finely chopped


  • Soak the Oats in hot water so that they are completely submerged for 10 minutes. Add the haldi, pepper and salt. If you like your oats soft, then you should soak them for an hour or longer.

  • Cover the bowl with a lid and microwave for approximately 2 minutes, making sure that you stir the mixture half way through.

  • Add your finely chopped tomatoes, onions, chillies and coriander

  • Squeeze some lemon

  • Enjoy your Masala Oats!

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